Giving trbo another boost: Amina Mayer joins the marketing team

Despite the “trbolent” past months, our team is growing again. As of now, our growing marketing team is supported by Amina Mayer as a dual student.


A secondary school certificate was not enough for the 21-year-old from Munich, which is why she decided to continue her studies and take her A-levels. To do so, she attended the state-run Fachoberschule Holzkirchen. During her time at the FOS (german school; vocational upper secondary school), she had to complete several internships. These included a senior citizens’ home and a kindergarten. This made her want to contribute more to society, which is why she then decided to do a voluntary social year at an elementary school.


Amina discovered her love for writing at a young age. She wrote her own stories while still in elementary school. At the Fachoberschule, the Munich native also became interested in the subject of marketing. That’s why she decided to study “Communications & PR,” which includes both elements.


Amina is completing her dual studies at the IUBH International University of Applied Sciences in Munich and at trbo. In the three and a half years she will, just like our dual student Maike, complete the theoretical part of her studies at the university two days a week. The other three days she will actively support our marketing department and can fully pursue her love for writing.

Despite her calm disposition, you shouldn’t mess with her, as she has over 12 years experience in martial arts.    Besides Taekwondo, the Munich native also learned kickboxing and even teaches children. In the past, she was able to win several titles at various tournaments. Due to some injuries, she herself has now cut back a bit, but already has her own children’s competition team up and running.


We are looking forward to spending more time with Amina and welcome her to the trbo family. 


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