How LIBRO increased the conversion value by 13.9%

trbo Case Study Libro

LIBRO is one of the best known and most popular brands in Austria and offers a wide range of products in the fields of school, gifts and multimedia. In addition to its broad network of local stores, the retailer is also increasingly offering its products in e-commerce. 


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Many customers do online research on the items they need in advance, and some even prefer to order online. Unfortunately, there are also many users who fill the shopping cart but do not complete the purchase.


Increasing the value of the shopping basket by using recommendations


LIBRO wanted to counteract this problem and used trbo to test the display of product recommendations in the shopping cart. In our case study, we show how LIBRO was able to increase the shopping value, especially for mobile users, as a result of product recommendations in the shopping cart. 


In the following case study, you can read exactly how the testing was done, what kind of product recommendations were displayed, over what period of time it took place and how the positive test result influences the webshop now and in the future.


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