2nd Advent-Tip: Guaranteed delivery until Christmas

Who can’t relate to this – Christmas is just around the corner and you still haven’t bought all your presents? And this year we even have to work until December 23rd – that doesn’t leave a lot of time to run into the city to buy presents. Who likes to throw themselves voluntarily into the Christmas bustle and stand in line for hours at the cash register?
Nobody – and therefore year after year more and more gifts are bought online. But does this also apply to last-minute shoppers? Or do they still go to the store to make sure they get their gifts on time?


Inform your potential customers prominently and flexibly about your guaranteed delivery time! In your CI, an individually created layer can also encourage doubting customers to ensure that all gifts arrive on time.


Use classical communication like for example:

“Guaranteed delivery by Christmas, if ordered before December 22, 12:00 pm”


Another possibility would be to set a timer that gives an indication of how long the order can still be placed, with guaranteed delivery in time for the holidays.


Even if your delivery time changes temporarily, e.g. due to a temporary overload of your shipping service provider – make your customers happy by adjusting the guaranteed delivery time accordingly at short notice.


In just a few steps you can update highly relevant information for your customers – at info@trbo.com we’ll support you during the implementation. The countdown has begun!


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