1st Advent-Tip: Transferring the Christmas spirit to your website

It is the end of November and we are already heading straight for Christmas.

The first Christmas markets are open, the smell of freshly baked biscuits is in the air and the first snowflakes are falling – all clear signs that the most beautiful season of the year is approaching.


Would you like to broadcast this mood online – at least as far as the visual aspect is concerned? No problem!


Use the trbo solution to give your website a Christmassy look, simply and without having to use IT resources.


What if the snowflakes from outside would trickle over your website?
Santa Claus could fly over the site on his sleigh and in his gift bag he has a surprise for every visitor who clicks on it. Perhaps in the form of a coupon code?
Or how about a Christmas tree that attracts visitors to the site when they leave (Exit Intent) to participate in a gift raffle for December 24th?


Using simple means, you can flexibly spread the Christmas spirit on your website. With trbo you can implement individual ideas! We are happy to assist you. Please feel free to contact us at info@trbo.com at any time.


We wish you a tranquil and successful Advent season!

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