17% higher conversion rate – Our new case study with Fackelmann

German online shoppers are fond of saving money – over three quarters look at the price first. 35% can be convinced with special discount promotions. This is exactly the kind of behavior that shop operators can take advantage of: By showing their customers  further potentials for savings.


We have tested this approach together with our customer Fackelmann: Does suggesting product sets succeed in encouraging customers to make a purchase?

How Fackelmann increased the conversion rate by 17% with simple references to product sets


Fackelmann’s wide range of products will meet every need – and that is exactly what the web presence is all about. For optimization of the onsite experience, Fackelmann relies on trbo. This includes, for example, drawing users’ attention to suitable offers.


For the test, trbo displayed a special reference on product detail pages: If the product currently viewed was also available in a set, this information was implemented clearly visible using a combination of image, text and price. By clicking on the image, the users were then redirected to the corresponding product detail page for the special discount offer, where they were able to continue purchasing the set.


The result: The reference to discounts through value set purchases not only had a positive impact on the conversion rate, but also led users to spend more money.


You can read all about the test setup and the different uplifts created in our latest case study with Fackelmann!





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