Happy birthday to us — trbo turned 10!

trbo birthday

It’s not every day that you turn ten years old! We recently celebrated this big milestone in style with a trbo blue birthday cake. 

Everybody needs a good origin story, right? Well here’s ours: trbo was founded ten years ago on 26 April 2013. While working for a company that measured and optimized traffic acquisition channels, our CEO Felix Schirl realized that online shops invested a lot in getting people to their websites — but not enough in keeping them there. trbo’s onsite personalization platform was the solution to that problem. By 2015, the tiny company hit its proof-of-concept and go-to-market phases successfully.        

From the very beginning, there was lots of interest in what trbo had to offer and large companies quickly got on board. trbo grew organically thanks to the fact that it offered online retailers the flexibility that traditional store systems can’t match. By 2018, we had moved from our make-shift working space in an apartment building to our current office, expanding to a second floor by the end of 2019. We’ve continued to grow ever since, with colleagues all over Europe and recently setting up shop in the US. 

Birthdays are a great time to reflect on all we’ve achieved in the past ten years. trbo grew from one single person to a team of over 80 amazing people who support over 300 clients. We’re thankful for all the hard work the entire trbo team put in to get us this far — and we’re excited for all the great things to come!       

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