trbo-start into the new year: Giovanna Giada Tramontano joins us as Junior Client Success Manager

After we ended the past year with the arrival of Nargiza Reimbaeva, we are excited to welcome another new member to the trbo team in January. From now on, Giovanna Giada Tramontano supports us as Junior Client Success Manager.


Born in Italy, Giovanna completed her bachelor’s degree in linguistics and literature before coming to Germany as an Au Pair. Giada taught Italian for three years, but she wanted to do something else, so she decided to go back to university. Here she completed her Master’s degree in Intercultural Communication. Meanwhile, Giada worked as a student trainee in different companies: Among others, at Pharma Sgp, where she subsequently worked as a sales assistant at the parent company Futrue GmbH. However, the tasks in the sales area did not match her preferences – she enjoys getting in touch with people and fulfilling customer wishes. That’s why she decided to join the Client Success Team at trbo: Here she can fully live out her passion for customer contact, solving problems and implementing customer wishes.


Giada’s biggest hobby – according to her, typical for Italians – is eating. Whether it’s cooking herself or being cooked for in a restaurant, the 28-year-old loves culinary experiences. To experience as much as possible of the culinary variety, another of her hobbies is traveling. The Italian loves getting to know new cultures. She enjoys the challenge of having to communicate in a foreign language. She likes to mingle with people, attend events or go to parties. Giada can also be quite different and enjoys the peace and quiet at home. Preferably with a book and sweets.


We are happy to have gained another friend of delicious food. Welcome to the team, Giada!


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