trbo gains momentum: Artur Buchner starts as trainee in Client Success

Our trbo-start into the new year with numerous reinforcements isn’t over yet! After the start of Giovanna Giada Tramontano and Elisa Nguyen, we’re happy to announce the next new trbo team member. Artur Buchner from now on supports our team as a trainee in Client Success.


Artur completed his Bachelor’s degree in Applied Sports Science at the Technical University of Deggendorf. For his further studies, he moved to Munich: At the Technical University of Munich (TUM), he earned his Master’s degree in Sport & Exercise Science.


During his studies, Artur already had various part-time jobs – from scaffolding to supermarket checkout. In the past two years, however, the native of Altötting has been working as a self-employed personal trainer. Artur didn’t want to fixate on just one industry, and so he additionally started a working student job in ticketing. It was there that he first came into contact with customer support and was immediately blown away by the experience. He decided to leave the sports industry for the time being and to continue his education in the area of Client Success. Artur started looking for a traineeship. Through a friend, he became aware of trbo and can now fully live out his passion for customer service.


In his free time, Artur naturally spends a lot of time on sports. Unfortunately, he has to disappoint our soccer fans in the team: “I have two left feet,” the 27-year-old explains regarding his soccer skills. His interests rather lie in American football, basketball, and weight training. In addition to sports, nutrition also plays an important role for Artur. He can’t live without good food. However, the nerd in him comes out whenever he wants to take a break from his everyday life and sports. Artur loves to read fantasy books and watch Marvel movies.


We are happy to have Artur as a new training partner and further energetic support for our team. Welcome to the trbos, Artur!


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