The summit of the e-commerce industry: the K5 2019

On June 4th and 5th, the E-Commerce class reunion, better known as the K5 Future Retail Conference, took place for the ninth time in Berlin. trbo was also present with a booth. Here is our summary:


It was our first time and we had a really big serve with a great booth. Just the right thing, as the K5 2019 was a record-breaking event: over 3,000 participants, 150 speakers, 150 exhibitors.

trbo booth at the K5 2019
the trbo booth at K5 2019

Especially with regard to the number of exhibitors, some may have doubted whether K5 could really still be considered a conference. Our conclusion: it can – and with very high quality.


The theme of this year’s K5 was “Own the Future”. Matching the guiding theme: “Peak Amazon”. The conference’s main focus should be on Amazon and the future – what challenges will the powerful company pose for trade, where will we be in 2025, where will hidden potential in trade lie? On these topics, anything of importance to the e-commerce industry was on display on the various stages.

Exciting lectures on all stages

There was not only a lot of knowledge on the Future Retail Stage, the main stage of the K5, where the speakers were announced with great pomp and loud intro trailers but also on the other stages and in the masterclasses.

presentation trbo und CBR K5 2019
The presentation of our CRO Benjamin Pantke together with Laura Iffländer from our customer CBR

The lecture of our CRO Benjamin Pantke together with Laura Iffländer from our customer CBR was well received. Despite the late slot, many visitors found their way to the Eccelerate Stage. Benjamin and Laura gave us an insight into how the personal shopping consultant, whom we know from the stationary trade, can also work online. Shop operators can also turn their shops into personal shopping advisors for their customers through personalization, recommendations and more. At this point, many thanks to Laura and CBR for the exciting insights into working with trbo – and to all listeners who continued to ask questions at our booth after the presentation!

A lively attendance at the trbo booth

Our booth was a real eye-catcher (many thanks to the K5 and Fairnet) and we were really happy about the lively crowd and the many exciting conversations. In addition to our insights on personalization, optimization, and testing, we also had a culinary highlight: the Currywurst at our booth was a real hit and really delicious!

Currywurst at the trbo booth at the K5
Currywurst at the trbo booth at the K5

The K5 clearly stands out from other industry events with its catering. The food was excellent without exception – so we were always able to start the next conversations well strengthened.

Conclusion: From niche event to industry summit

The K5 is no longer the small congress it was launched for. It has become an important industry event that is now firmly anchored in the calendar of the e-commerce industry. We had a great time at K5 2019. Many thanks to everyone who visited us at our booth and to the K5 team for the great organization!

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