36 degrees and it gets even hotter – that was our trbo summer party 2022

trbo summer party 2022

Although a heat wave is spreading over Germany, we trbo’s have not lost our party mood! In fact, quite the opposite: Under the motto “Let’s Flamingle ” our summer event took place at Cole & Porter in downtown Munich.  

Appetizers, drinks and flamingos – the trbo’s show their photogenic side

In the afternoon around 5 pm the first trbo’s arrived at the event location. The tables were colorfully decorated with flamingos, pineapple and flower chains. There was a welcome drink for everyone and a cool glow bracelet for the the later hours. The very hungry among us were delighted with a little welcome snack – couscous salad. Slowly the bar filled up with numerous trbo’s eager to entertain and the hustle and bustle started. The Kelleners had their hands full and snaked their way through the crowd with one snack after another. Truffle gnocchi, Thai curry and delicious desserts made their way to our tables. And the later it went, the more drinks and cocktails were served. Which in turn led to a rare phenomenon: our trbo’s became downright photo crazy! Whether this was due to the alcohol or perhaps our cool gadgets, we can no longer determine in retrospect? 

But one thing is certain:

At the trbo summer party there were not only many funny photo moments but also great conversations, great music and really delicious food. The trbos celebrated until far into the night, some even until the morning, and had a lot of fun. See for yourself how much joy our team had with the impressions of the trbo summer party 2022!

trbos at summerparty 2

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