Partner Spotlight: Simon Reichel from Findologic

In our new series of articles, our partners have their say! We want to give you a first-hand insight into our partnerships and convince you of the benefits.


Today’s interview partner is Simon Reichel, COO at Findologic.


What exactly is it that our partner Findologic does and how do you benefit from the cooperation between trbo and Findologic? Learn more in today’s blog post.

1. First of all, tell us something about yourself and what you do at Findologic.

I’ve been in eCommerce for almost 7 years now, and as the operational Managing Director I’m responsible for the seamless workflow of all departments such as HR, PM, Support, Marketing & Operations. 

At the top of the list: our amazing employees & the smooth interaction of all our services to keep up with growth and customer demands.

2. What was the idea behind Findologic?

The founding story of Matthias Heimbeck starts at the University of Salzburg and a specially developed software, which allowed an automatic colorectal cancer classification from unstructured medical data. The birth of a semantic search function incl. a “behavioral layer”, which comprehends meaningful contexts and is available as a replicable service. At the same time in 2008: The urgent wish of the father that online shops should please understand him better. “Let me actually find what I’m looking for!” Voila: Demand and solution just needed to be cleverly linked, and the rest is already a +13 year success story.

3. What makes you stand out as a team? What do you offer your customers that sets you apart from other tech companies?

Our SaaS+ or “service first” approach. Nowadays, with just a few clicks, a vast amount of eCom tech stack is available, which usually differs only slightly in price or performance. To stand out from the crowd, we offer our customers in addition to our pure software also excellent free support, dedicated customer access staff and knowledge transfer, within workshops & trainings. Having multiple locations, we handle customer requests far below industry standards and prove to our customers every day that every business is first and foremost a partnership between people.

4. As an Austrian company, you are currently conquering Europe – are there even more far-reaching expansion plans? And does the “Made in Austria” seal count for as much as the “Made in Germany” seal, which has received a lot of attention in the past?

After further expanding our brand presence in the DACH region through our second location in Munich, the decision to establish a 3rd branch including a team in London was made in 2018. Teaser: Our services will also be available worldwide as of 2022… Stay tuned.

5. What led you to enter into a partnership with trbo?

The joint storyline within the framework of a further improved customer journey for users has been coherent from the very beginning. We have been working together successfully for many years and have been able to provide many customers with joint solutions. 

6. How do Findologic and trbo interact?

The smart background processes of both our software create a rare win-win-win situation, focusing on the end user and an exceptional onsite shopping experience: A powerful and always supporting search and navigation paired with smart onsite personalization and strong recommendations. Through personalized search results and individualized experiences, we manage together to elevate every online shop to a new level. Through our connected tech stack, customers find exactly the products they are looking for – in the best case, they even buy more. By personalizing the entire customer journey, it is easy for shops to adapt the web store to the individual interests of their users. This is exactly how a shopping assistant in a bricks-and-mortar store would adapt to the needs of the individual customer.

7. What, in your opinion, are the biggest advantages resulting from the cooperation?

Simple and included A/B testing as proof of concept & transparency on the demonstrably and always significantly improved KPIs.

8. What three pieces of advice would you give to someone looking for the right partner?

  1. Extensively compare and get real opinions from related industry environments.
  2. Don’t decide on price alone.
  3. Decide on a partner with the same mindset and similar business structures.

9. Is there a particularly funny experience with trbo that you like to think back on?

Actually, not so many “funny” moments. I would rather describe all of our meetings as super congenial and on the same wavelength on many levels.

10. If you could step into the role of another (well-known) personality for one day, who would it be?

Phil Knight 60 years ago. Grab his book “Shoe Dog” – a must-read



Would you like to learn more about our partner Findologic and our collaboration?


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