New reinforcement for trbo: Uli Schmid joins the technical team

We are pleased to welcome a new trbo colleague for the second time within a short period of time. From now on, Uli Schmid supports our technical team as Team Lead Web Development & Project Management.


The 36-year-old initially studied geodesy and geoinformation at the TU in Munich. His passion, however, lies in web development. Ever since he had an Internet connection, he has been fascinated by web development (we won’t tell you how long ago that was   ). He first came into contact with Joomla, a content management system, through a working student job. With WordPress, he then tinkered several websites.


Thus, his later professional career has little to do with his studies. Only the IT part stuck with him. At DMG MORI Software Solutions GmbH, he first worked as a front-end developer (Angular) and then as a product owner.


The work alone was not enough for the native of Peitingen, which is why he took a bold step: together with friends, Uli founded the company Codetrust, a development partner for web applications. He then joined the company full-time in 2019 and worked there as an all-rounder. Be it project management, marketing or UX/UI-design – it was all his responsibility. In mid-2020, the restructuring towards another product was in the pipeline. His family was the driving point, which is why the father of two decided to leave the company and return to regular employment. “As the only family man in our team, the responsibility and risk of starting all over again was just too high for me,” he says on his decision.


Since Uli became a father, his leisure time activities have changed as well. He even forgoes his beloved adventure trips and now takes it a little easier on his vacations. When he does find time, he likes to devote himself to photography or watch a game of his favorite soccer team: 1860 Munich. The ratio of FC Bayern and “Sechzig” fans at trbo is slowly becoming equal again. As much as he used to enjoy playing soccer himself, he now devotes himself to his two little daughters (1 and 3 years old). From his home (Peiting) it is not far to the mountains, which he and his family obviously enjoy.


We are happy that Uli fell for the fascinating web design at the turn of the millennium and now enriches our team, despite his 80 kilometers of travel. Welcome Uli!


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