New addition to trbo: Scarlett Amoako-Atta starts as a trainee in our account management

Another new member to our team! Following the start of Uli Schmid, we continue to grow and are now supported by Scarlett Amoako-Atta as a trainee in our account management.


After graduating from her A-levels in 2012, the native of Munich with Ghanaian roots worked as an office temp in a driving school. There, she advised prospective driving students, handled registrations, and maintained in-house information documents. However, since Scarlett has a great fondness for animation and film, she spontaneously decided to spend a semester abroad in Toronto where she studied 3D Animation & Design, a subject that had been rather unrepresented in Germany up to that point. In 2014, the 28-year-old then returned to Germany – but not to her hometown but quite a distance away. In Bremerhaven, Scarlett started her studies in digital media production. The subjects she studied were wide-ranging, from design to computer science – so she was able to immerse herself in many different topics and work out her preferences. During her time at university, Scarlett also worked as a student assistant and helped out at trade fairs and other events. In addition, she was a moderator on campus television and worked part-time at the Bremerhaven Evangelical Free Church congregation, overseeing their graphic design and assisting the technology team.


Scarlett will initially support us for six months as a trainee. During this time, she will learn everything about our tool, get to know how the setup with our customers works and will take on her first own customer projects. Thus, she will help our customers with personalization, optimization and testing of their websites.


In her free time, Scarlett loves to draw and is interested in almost everything that has to do with moving images. The 28-year-old also enjoys singing, which is why she always was a member of a choir during her school and university years. Together with her friends, the sociable Munich native loves to organize cooking and game nights. Scarlett loves to spend her vacations in other countries. If Covid-19 hadn’t intervened, she would have probably already seen all the continents (there are only three left). However, typical tourism is alien to her. She prefers to explore the unknown corners of a country and city, is interested in history, culture and, of course, food. For this she gladly seeks the one or other insider tip of a local. She is also very active in her local church. In the future she will help with filming and editing the sermons – which can then be found on YouTube.


We are very happy that Scarlett has returned to her hometown and found her way to us! Welcome to the team!


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