Marketing and HR grow – Mona Philippi and Steve Hilbert start at trbo

Once again, we have a special announcement. With the start of our two new employees, we have taken an important step towards international growth and expanded our mid-level management team. Mona Philippi supports us with immediate effect as Head of Marketing and Steve Hilbert gives us a helping hand as Head of HR. 

Mona Philippi starts as Head of Marketing


Mona studied Business Administration, Media & Communication Management at the DHBW Ravensburg. For the practical part of her studies she worked at Ravensburger. After successfully completing her bachelor’s degree, Mona was responsible for the marketing of various product areas as communications manager at Ravensburger. At the same time, Mona decided that she would like to complete a master’s degree and decided to study Business Psychology, Leadership & Management while working. During the degree, however, she moved to Munich and started at Disney Media Sales & Partnerships as a supervisor for commercial marketing. There she gained additional knowledge in B2B to her already existing experience in B2C. Mona then moved on to Serviceplan Group, where she worked as a Project Manager in Marketing & Knowledge Management. She recently discovered trbo and was immediately thrilled. Now Mona can contribute her experience to trbo and drive our marketing with new ideas. 


Mona loves to spend her free time outdoors with her boyfriend. In the summer she likes to hike or ride her road bike, in the winter she likes to ski. By the way, Mona discovered and learned to love road biking during the pandemic. But when it’s too uncomfortable outside for cycling, Mona also enjoys reading and organizing board game nights with her friends.


“This is probably something that remained from Ravensburger.” 


By the way, if you want to do Mona a favor in the festive season, you’d better leave tangerines at home. The smell alone makes our new Head of Marketing sick. 

Steve Hilbert joins as Head of HR


After his diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Operations and his Bachelor in Hospitality Management at the IU International University, Steve first traveled the world for half a year and went on backpacking trips through the USA, Peru, Japan, Korea and Thailand. After his sabbatical, the Luxembourg native first started in Munich at CupaNation as a Support Specialist for Human Resources. Steve then went to to work as an IT Recruiter. A year later, he moved to Personio, where he was a Senior IT Recruiter responsible for international recruiting, among other things. This was followed by almost three years as Product Owner HR Innovation at the BMW Group and then Steve worked at Cobrainer, first as Head of Recruiting and then as Culture and Development Lead. He now also found his way to trbo and as Head of HR he can contribute his collected experience and drive our HR forward. 


Steve has been living in Germany for seven years and speaks three additional languages besides German: French, English and Luxembourgish. He is a very sociable guy and likes to spend his time in company.


“I like to listen to people, help them with problems and support them in their development, no matter if it’s private or professional.”


Steve finds a balance from work in his own small carpentry workshop at his home. He spends a lot of time there, carpentering all sorts of things. Steve also enjoys spending his free time with his wife and daughter. 


We are very happy to have won two new team members and to benefit from Mona’s and Steve’s experience. Welcome aboard, dear Mona and dear Steve! 


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