From the cake recipe to the perfect recipe for our clients’ success

Foto Jennifer Lippki

The year is coming to an end. Before leaving 2022 behind us, we have some news for you! After Charlie’s start, Jennifer Lippki is now supporting us – as a trainee in Client Success Management


Originally, Jennifer was trained as a confectioner and worked in this profession for about eight years. As time passed, the desire to reorient herself professionally grew.


Initially, Jennifer was very interested in IT and considered doing an apprenticeship in that field. Luckily, she was made aware of trbo by a friend and her plans changed. Instead of looking for an apprenticeship in IT, Jennifer decided to start her new career at trbo. Here she can learn everything about Client Success Management, support customers in using trbo and thus grow into a completely new profession. 


However, Jennifer hasn’t completely said goodbye to cakes yet: in her free time, she still loves to bake. Every now and then, she even takes on small orders from friends and family. Cooking is another passion of hers.


Since she’s vegetarian, all of her cooking is vegetarian or vegan. When Jennifer is not spending her time in the kitchen baking or cooking, she is out with her friends or hiking in the mountains. She also enjoys watching movies or playing video games. 


We hope to soon have the pleasure of experiencing Jennifer’s cooking skills and look forward to having her with us on the job as a Client Success Manager. Welcome on board, dear Jennifer!


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