In the Christmas Bakery …


Christmas is just around the corner and once again it is time to reflect and do something good for others. Whether we experience a wonderful pre-Christmas season this year does not depend primarily on the circumstances, but also on what we make of it. And therefore, trbo decided to make others happy at Christmas.


Especially those who have not always had it easy since the beginning of the pandemic. After all, Covid-19 has turned the lives of the elderly in retirement and nursing homes upside down from time to time. Accordingly, it was and still is of great importance to us to bring a little joy to the residents of the senior home & nursing home Caritas-Altenheim St. Willibrord in Munich.


With a lot of love, our employees rolled up their sleeves and diligently began to bake Christmas cookies. From vanilla biscuits to butter cookies to almond slivers and cinnamon stars – the selection of delicious cookies was huge.



Last Wednesday, the cookies were decorated and wrapped: we added some Christmassy toppings and the entire selection was lovingly wrapped in bags.



Afterwards we handed them over to the senior home & nursing home, respectively to Mrs. Fuchs, the director of the Caritas-Altenheim St. Willibrord in Munich.


The joy and gratitude of Mrs. Fuchs was evident. The last weeks and months were not always easy for both the residents and the employees. 


We are happy that there are such great people like Mrs. Fuchs and her team who accompany and take care of elderly people. 


We wish all residents and employees of the nursing home wonderful and peaceful holidays!


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