Case Study – How LILLYDOO generated a higher click-trough rate on the newsletter sign-up form


LILLYDOO is a manufacturer of skin and environmentally friendly diapers and care products for babies. The climate-neutral company’s products are offered in several European countries and can be easily delivered to the doorstep by postal service or purchased at the drugstore around the corner.


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To keep customers regularly informed about baby products and news, they can sign up to subscribe to the newsletter on the website. 


25.74% higher click-through rate on the newsletter subscription form


Lillydoo’s goal was to get more customers interested in the newsletter and thus stay in constant contact with their customers. 


Read in our case study how the diaper manufacturer implemented the testing with trbo. The use of A/B tests makes it possible to test new page elements in an uncomplicated way before they are integrated in the longer term. Find out how significant the results were and how LILLYDOO is currently using the resulting insights. 


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