Heading into autumn with double trbo – Marco Filkovic and Benedicte Mananika join our Client Success team

Our trbo growth continues unchanged! From now on Benedicte Mananika and Marco Filkovic support our Client Success team as dual students. 

Benedicte Mananika joins our Client Success team as a dual student


The 22-year-old first completed her Mittlere Reife (intermediate certificate), before she was drawn to the foreign language school in Regensburg. There, she trained as a foreign language correspondent and learned how to translate German into English and French and vice versa. However, the Regensburg native realized that interpreting was in fact not 100 percent in line with her passions. 


That’s why Benedicte decided to go back to school and earn her A-levels in business administration at the FOS/BOS in Regensburg. The subject “Business Administration and Accounting” provided her with her first exposure to the field of marketing. The 22-year-old was so taken with marketing that she researched a lot about it and ultimately decided to study marketing management.


Just like our dual students Maike and Amina, the 22-year-old is completing her studies at the IU International University in Munich, and the practical part of her studies at trbo. She will actively support our Client Success team three days a week and complete the theoretical part of her studies at university on the remaining two days.


She likes spending her free time with her family – who are from the Democratic Republic of the Congo – and with her friends. Furthermore, she is also passionate about singing and was even a member of the school band when she was at school. Doesn’t that call for a karaoke night?

Marco Filkovic starts as a dual student


During his school years, Marco already completed several internships in different industries to gain initial experience in the professional world. The 20-year-old worked in business administration at BYK Gardner GmbH in Geretsried and in marketing and insurance at Zuber Robotics. After finishing school, he then decided to study marketing management. 


Marco is also studying at the IU International University in Munich and will support us three days a week and spend two days at the university to deepen his theoretical knowledge.


In his free time, Marco likes to devote himself to soccer. Whether watching it on TV or playing together with friends on the soccer field, the native of Bad Tölz is always in the game. When Marco is not playing soccer, he is occupied with his second hobby, playing the violin. The 20-year-old has been pursuing this hobby for 16 years now! Maybe the trbos will get an audio sample – or we’ll form a band right away 😉


We are very happy that your way has led you to us! Welcome to the team, Benedicte and Marco!


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