Five questions for…Melanie

Who are the people behind trbo? In our blog series, our employees introduce themselves – and answer five questions about themselves and their work. Today with our Office Manager Melanie Ahlers.

1. How did you hear about trbo and when did you join?

I joined trbo in December 2018 – and you could say that trbo found me. I had publicly advertised my applicant profile on a job board, and trbo was suggested to me. I applied straight away and – bang –  two weeks later I had already signed my employment contract.

 2. What is your job at trbo?

My area of responsibility is actually quite broad. For example, I take care of office supplies, planning business trips and everything concerning invoices.

 3. Either, or?

Gummy bears – chocolate

Coffee – Tea… definitely coffee

Stairs – Elevator

Dog – Cat

Winter – Summer

Sneakers – High Heels

Cooking – Going out to eat … both are good

BeerWine …  cocktails are definitely missing here!

4. What do your colleagues not know about you so far?

Geez, here comes something embarrassing: I actually have a terrible fear of wasps and bees. As soon as they get too close to me, I start hysterically running in circles. It’s extremely amusing to watch, by the way, especially from a distance. :-))

5. What has been the most embarrassing moment in your working life so far?

A story comes to mind spontaneously that actually happened at trbo (when I was only working there for a few months). One of my sons managed to reply via my cell phone (I still don’t know how he did it) to every question and comment posted in the trbo chat with a “thumbs up” emoji. Of course, my colleagues eventually picked up on this and started asking random hilarious questions as a joke. My son probably thought to himself: yeah, sure why not, I’ll join in and keep sending back the “thumbs up” emojis.


Bonus question: What did you want to be when you grew up?

I actually wanted to be an architect or interior designer when I grew up. I still remember constantly rearranging and redecorating my bedroom when I was a kid.

But I have to admit, even today, I still like doing that in my apartment.


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