Five questions for… Anna Schuster

Who are the people behind trbo? In our new series our employees introduce themselves – and answer five questions about themselves and their work. Today with our Senior Marketing Manager Anna Schuster.

1. How did you hear about trbo and when did you start working?

All you job seekers out there, let me tell you one thing: Things can be simple! You read the job description, write the application, have the interview, and start the job. Seriously, I’m not kidding, that’s how uncomplicated and professional my journey to trbo was. Back in February last year, just before the start of the pandemic, when I was sitting at our first interview with a stuffy nose I didn’t know that I would have to spend the first few months of my new job in the home office. Covid had messed with my socializing plans I had for my new colleagues. Looking back, all I can say is that I felt comfortable and well integrated so quickly, despite Skype & Co. In fact, so much so that I sometimes forget that it’ s still my first year at trbo. Thanks to all my colleagues for this!

 2. What is your job at trbo?

The short version? I’m responsible for the graphical part of marketing, creating the visual image of the brand, the message and the communication, both physical and digital.


Too stilted? Okay. Some might also say I make everything “beautiful” that comes my way. Whether it’s whitepapers, case studies, presentations, banners, infographics or cereal boxes (yes, even those!), I put a trbo face on everything and ensure we are seen.

 3. What do your colleagues do not know about you so far?

There are certainly quite a few things, but a few secrets don’t hurt – I want to keep things interesting.

Exclusively for you, the Top 5 of useless knowledge about me:


1. Refueling Monk:

I always have to reach an even amount when refueling, if I don’t succeed, I keep trying until it works or the tank is completely full.


2. At war with plants: 

Caring for houseplants in particular is a horror. My previous attempts to have orchids or other species live with me long term have failed miserably. Death by drowning or withering.


3. Worldly wisdoms:

I hate motivational quotes and worldly wisdoms, unless they are veeeery cynical.


4. Crime scene: bathroom stall

If the toilet paper in a bathroom hangs backwards, I MUST correct it. No matter how and where.


5. Adrenaline junkie:

 I love roller coasters. They can’ t be fast and high enough

 4. Is there anything you wouldn’t do for all the money in the world?

I would definitely never go to jungle camp (“I am a celebrity… get me out of here!” German reality TV series). Although I could probably come to terms with the menu and the animal roommates, the aberrations of the human species already drive my blood pressure far too high when I’m sitting in front of the TV…

 5. What did you want to be when you grew up?

I always wanted to become an artist or a psychologist. I think I have found a good middle ground with my current career choice…


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