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Julia Kalbskopf startet als Grafikdesignerin - Motiondesign
Unser Marketing-Team freut sich diesen Monat über Zuwachs! Ab sofort unterstützt uns Julia Kalbskopf...
Maxi Salzinger_ohne trbo
Max Salzinger startet als Business Development Representative DACH
Wir freuen uns, ein neues trbo Teammitglied willkommen zu heißen. Max Salzinger unterstützt uns als Business...
Blog_Start Michael Ruff
trbo wächst weiter – Michael Ruff startet als Senior Account Executive DACH
Nach mehreren Neuzugängen dürfen wir euch erneut ein neues trbo Teammitglied vorstellen: Ab sofort unterstützt...
Blog_Start Gail Wilcoxen
trbos Marketing Team wächst – Gail startet als Marketing Manager und Copywriter
Wir freuen uns Euch berichten zu dürfen, dass unser Marketingteam weiter wächst! Ab sofort unterstützt...
Photo Valentina Boe
New team member at trbo - Valentina Boe starts as Performance Marketing Manager
After the start of Manuel Gruhn as Strategic Account Manager, there is also highly motivated reinforcement...
trbotastic start into the new year: Manuel Gruhn starts as Strategic Account Manager at trbo
Shortly before the end of the year, we welcomed Leonardo Rifa as a new addition to our team – and we...
Foto Chalie Janocha
A fresh breeze within the trbo team - Dual student Charlie Janocha strengthens the marketing team at trbo
The trbo marketing team is happy to introduce Charlie Janocha. We asked him why he studies marketing...
Stefan, Rimi and Patrickat trbo
A triple at trbo - Stefan Ockenfels, Rimi Babah and Patrick Kaufmann start at trbo
After the start of Mona Philippi and Steve Hilbert we are very happy to welcome three new trbos in October....
Marketing and HR grow - Mona Philippi and Steve Hilbert start at trbo
Once again, we have a special announcement. With the start of our two new employees, we have taken an...
New support from Dublin - Lena Enders starts as Client Success Manager
The temperatures are dropping, the leaves are falling from the trees, and soon we’ll have to unpack...
Hasan Yüksel
Knowledge hungry newcomer - Hasan Yüksel starts as Senior Frontend Developer
After the start of Izabela Horodenska we are going into the final summer spurt with even more reinforcement:...
Summer break at trbo? No way - Izabela Horodenska starts as Junior Frontend Developer
Despite the glowing heat, we’re not slacking off. On the contrary: Even in the hottest summer months,...