A fresh breeze within the trbo team – Dual student Charlie Janocha strengthens the marketing team at trbo

Foto Chalie Janocha

The trbo marketing team is happy to introduce Charlie Janocha. We asked him why he studies marketing management and how he actually came to trbo.

From Player to Coach

After graduating from high school, Charlie was still unsure about his future. That’s why he decided to focus on his passion for soccer and completed a social year at TSV Dorfen. In addition to playing actively in his team, he coached the U19 second team and the under eleven year olds.

Beginnings of Marketing

The social year enabled him to do an internship at the marketing agency Level 20 for 4 months. Versatile jobs like building an app, working with InDesign & Photoshop and posting on social media motivated him to start university studies. Since October this year, he has been studying marketing management at IU Munich. Working at the startup agency Level 20, Charlie figured out that he was most interested in young and laid-back companies with versatile tasks. Then, when he became aware of trbo during his practice partner search accompanying his studies, he found trbo to be a good fit. 

Learning by shaking

On weekends Charlie helps out as bartender & shaker at E3 Dorfen. The E3 Bar-Nachtcafé & Eiskeller also includes the shineBar and the bar at the Dorfen Volksfest. His cocktail and long drink specialties include the Mojito Razz, Long Island Iced Tea and Espresso Martini.


“When I started at the bar at E3, I had to ask a lot of questions and learn a lot. Nowadays, I show the new colleagues how the bar works.”


A match for trbo

In his free time, Charlie often spends time with his girlfriend and friends. Together, they especially enjoy playing a few rounds of beer pong. 


“I think it’s great that trbo regularly hosts beer pong tournaments in the office, and I’m excited to see how skilled my colleagues are. My goal is to win a tournament  in my first year.”


We wish you good luck with the challenge and welcome you to the trbos, dear Charlie! 


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