Five questions for… Sebastian

Who are the people behind trbo? In our series our employees introduce themselves – and answer five questions about themselves and their work. Today with our Senior Account Manager Sebastian Keppelmayr.

1. How did you hear about trbo and when did you start working?

I studied Japanese at university, but I’ve always had a passion for eCommerce and didn’t necessarily want to work in Japan. That’s why I started working for one of the big online shops in Munich and ended up in Channel Management after a few stops along the way. That’s where I first came into contact with trbo as a tool. I immediately liked the tool and the interaction with our account managers (Kira at the time). At some point, I then approached our VP Account Management Anna at the online career day and expressed my interest. After that, everything went pretty quickly and two weeks and two interviews later, I had the job contract in my hands. This year in September, I celebrated my two-year anniversary with the company and I’m looking forward to more successful years at trbo.

 2. What is your job at trbo?

As a Senior Account Manager, I support our customers in the optimal use of our tool. The great thing about this is that I gain insight into many different webshops and business models and can also contribute new ideas to our customers. But I also help hands-on with the implementation of actions and mediate between our 2nd level support and the respective stakeholders on the customer side. 

You don’t get this variety in every job and since we implement a lot in a very short time, we often get positive feedback from our customers.

Internally, I am the point of contact for my colleagues regarding questions about A/B and multivariate tests and most of the time I am also the one who initiates the discussion about the respective lunch plans in the team chat at lunchtime (I’m not a greedy, I swear).

 3. What would you have said 10 years ago about your current career choice?

Ten years ago, I was still working at the supermarket counter while studying and had no idea where my journey would ultimately take me. But since I was already interested in eCommerce at that time, I would probably be pretty happy with my career choice and impressed by all the technical possibilities that exist.

 4. What do your colleagues don’t not know about you so far?

There is a tattoo studio in Paris that uses a symbol font for their tattoo templates that I created as a hobby when I was still in school. Of course, they asked me beforehand and even donated 100€ to the Wikimedia Foundation in exchange for the permission to use it. Everytime I meet people from Paris, I ask them if they have tattoos and maybe someday I’ll meet someone who has my work on their skin.  

 5. What did you want to be when you grew up?

As a child, I was very enthusiastic about the great exploratory expeditions of the 19th and early 20th centuries and devoured all the literature on them. Accordingly, like Roald Amundsen, Alexander von Humboldt or David Livingstone, I wanted to explore the previously inaccessible and unexplored regions of this planet. For various reasons, however, nothing came of it. Maybe it was better for my health.


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