Five questions for…Olga Gidion

5 questions for Olga Gidion

Who are the people working behind the scenes at trbo? In our blog series, our employees introduce themselves and answer five questions. Today we talked to our frontend developer Olga Gidion. Together with the entire Technical Solutions Team, she makes sure that the ideas and wishes of our customers are put into practice and is not afraid to implement tricky measures. Olga also supports trbo with internal issues and is always ready to help in case of complications. 

1. What is your favorite:

  • Song: everything by Coldplay
  • Film/Series: Silicon Valley
  • Game: Building legos with my (6-year-old) son 🙂 
  • Sport: Snowboarding
  • Animal: Cat
  • Food: Japanese cuisine 
  • Vacation spot: Relaxing on the beach

2. What is your favorite quote or motto? 

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” Steve Jobs

3. What is your biggest dream? 

My biggest dream is to travel the world and discover different cultures and places. I want to gather new experiences, explore foreign countries and have unforgettable adventures. 

4. What’s your hidden talent?

My hidden talent is my organizational skills. I like to plan and structure things and keep an overview of everything. I can coordinate complex tasks and organize them efficiently.

5. Who would you like to switch lives with for a day?

I would love to swap my life for a day with another version of myself, maybe in another time or an alternate reality. It would be exciting to see how my life might develop in different circumstances. 

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