Five questions for…Giovanna

Who are the people behind trbo? In our blog series, our employees introduce themselves and answer five questions. Today we talked to our Client Success Manager Giovanna Tramontano. She has been with trbo for over a year in Client Success Management. Giovanna assists our clients on a daily basis with the use of our tool and ensures the success of their campaigns.


1. What’s your favorite…

Song: Material Girl by Madonna

Movie/Series: Penny Dreadful as a series and Sinister as a movie. I love horror!

Game: Uno for sure! It really lets you know who your true friends are 🙂 

Sport: Yoga and Pilates…once a year

Animal: I am a cat and dog mom and both are like my kids

Food: As an Italian, this question is the hardest for me! I just love to eat! But what I eat the most is the traditional Lasagna alla Bolognese

Vacation destination: South Asia


2. What was the funniest moment in your life so far?

I have experienced a lot of funny things! But this experience was really the funniest: I was on vacation in Hanoi, and while I was sightseeing, I lost my tour guide group. After about an hour, I realized I was listening to the wrong guide. But at the same time, I met new people.


3. What is your favorite quote or motto?

Life is too short to drink bad coffee and eat bad food.


4. What is your biggest dream? 

My biggest dream is to live in Asia and work from there. Maybe learn an Asian language. I just love the culture, the art and the philosophy of life.


5. What was the nicest thing a person ever did for you? 

When I was fourteen years old, my best friend organized a super birthday party for me. I am very curious by nature and yet she managed to hide all the organization from me. I always carry this memory in my heart. 🙂


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