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Chatchamp and trbo join forces

Onsite personalization expert trbo and guided selling tool Chatchamp are teaming up. After a long-standing partnership, the companies are now taking the next step and trbo is taking over Chatchamp.

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More about Chatchamp

Chatchamp is a guided selling tool that uses automated advice to help customers find the products they need. The tool can be integrated via chatbot or as a full screen wizard.
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Why Chatchamp?

The combination of both trbo’s personalization measures, including data collection and use, and the individually deployable solution of Guided Selling in all industries, enables retailers to address their users even more efficiently and persuade them to make a purchase.

What are the next steps?

Going forward, trbo and Chatchamp will align their strategic product development with Chatchamp so that they can grow even closer together and offer our customers even greater opportunities for a perfect onsite user experience. However, both solutions will still be usable as stand-alone products as well to provide all online shops with the best possible product fit.

The perfect interplay

Would you like to learn more about how the interplay of both tools works and why they complement each other perfectly?

Then find out here, how personalization and guided selling go hand in hand.

Felix Schirl

Felix Schirl

CEO trbo

“The Guided Selling solution from Chatchamp is an ideal addition to trbo. For example, products that were recommended by the chatbot can be displayed again at a later time. If the user leaves the shop after the consultation and later returns, he can be greeted with the three most suitable products on the homepage. This result can, of course, be enhanced by other smart trbo-recommendations.”

“For us, deciding to work even more closely with trbo in the future was easy. We have already become familiar with trbo’s extensive expertise as a personalization provider and A/B testing tool in the past years. We have also developed successful use cases for some joint customers. Since data exchange and the further use of this data are becoming increasingly important, we have already relied on interfaces in the past. In trbo as a personalization software with a variety of existing data interfaces, we have found the perfect fit to connect the results of our product consulting with other data sources and thus ensure an optimal holistic user experience.”

Felix Schröder

Felix Schröder

Co-Founder & CEO, Chatchamp

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