The trbo-Wiesn 2019

Last Wednesday we celebrated our annual trbo-Wiesn with our customers in the Schützenfestzelt at the Oktoberfest. Eight tables and a total of 64 seats provided the perfect setting for the party.


trbo branded beer mugs
Of course, the beer mugs were also branded.


cold platter
A solid cold platter for the start.


We started punctually at 12 pm with some snacks, a beer or two and the first friendly conversations. The bad weather outside made it all the more comfortable to sit in the tent.


The mood couldn’t have been better. Accordingly, it didn’t take long for the first people to get off their benches and move from table to table looking for new conversations – with either familiar or new faces.


Even dancing and singing did not take long. 


Philipp and Alejandro
the trbos: Philipp and Alejandro


After a very short five and a half hours later, our reservation time was over and we had to change tables. However, the end of the reservation did not mean the end of the evening:


Many of our customers accompanied us for a beer or two in the next tent – despite the rain, we were heating things up!


Anna and Felix
Anna and Felix


beer mugs with trbo


Once again our trbo-Wiesn was a successful (and perhaps long) day – and showed once again just how great our customers are.


trbo display cleaner
Our display cleaners were well received by our customers.


Anna, Sabine, Ella and Maike
the trbos: Anna, Sabine, Ella and Maike


We would like to thank all those who celebrated with us and created this year’s Wiesn spectacle with us! We hope to see you again next year – at the trbo-Wiesn 2020!

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