Markus Fröhlich starts as Chief Sales Officer at trbo

With Markus Fröhlich, trbo now has a new Chief Sales Officer (CSO). Effective immediately, Markus will lead trbo’s sales and business development team.


The 37-year-old studied law in Linz and then completed his master’s degree in business administration. While studying, the Austrian founded and managed the advertising agency DCNTRL. After completing his studies, Markus worked as managing director at Check:Europe Travel GmbH and afterward helped set up the travel division as a senior sales manager at DailyDeal in Austria. Then Markus moved to Munich, where he worked as a Sales Manager Southern Germany and as the Head of Sales Switzerland at RegioHelden GmbH. After that, he became a sales manager at FreizeitHeroes GmbH. Prior to joining trbo, Markus was the Managing Director of the advertising agency MarktGiganten, an out-of-home marketer specializing in retail advertising.


Lately, the 37-year-old’s free time is entirely spent being a father. When not in the office or spending time with his 3-month-old child, Markus enjoys being outdoors, traveling or cooking.


We are very pleased to have found a full-blooded sales expert with Markus and thus a perfect addition for our management team. Welcome the team Markus!


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