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How to hop away from the competition at Easter
Spring is approaching and the first shop windows in the city center will soon be decorated for Easter....
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How online retailers can use discounts efficiently
Especially in the crisis year of 2023, consumers are paying close attention to how much money they spend....
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Mobile Website Optimization - our new whitepaper with tips and tricks for outstanding shopping experiences
More and more people are using their smartphone to search for products, browse through the product range,...
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Personalization for publishers – our whitepaper with facts & insights
There are numerous other industries besides eCommerce that benefit from a personalized website. Among...
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The event marathon continues: meet trbo at the E-Com Experience Summit
We just cannot get enough of events this year, so we are really going all out again in November! From...
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Social First? Extending social media campaigns onsite
Advertising campaigns, whether in social media, TV, or SEA, have one specific goal: to persuade users...
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77% Bounce Rate - How the heck can high bounce rates be reduced?
  The bounce rate is a topic that troubles many shops. Because it quickly becomes expensive, especially...
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Digital Easter - How to prepare your shop for Easter in 2021
  Strolling through the city center around Easter, one could discover numerous discount offers and...
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Many a mickle macks a muckle – How to optimize 404- and error pages
404 error pages are a huge annoyance online. But it has happened to all of us before: you follow an expired...
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Time for Product Insights: trbo Segment Reporting
  We are continuing our blog series featuring our different trbo features. Our topic today: the...
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Time for Product Insights: trbo’s Funnel Reporting
We have come up with something new for you this year! We are starting a new blog series featuring our...
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How our customers significantly improve important KPIs
Every day we implement exciting measures in collaboration with our customers to improve the surfing and...
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