Digital Easter – How to prepare your shop for Easter in 2021


Strolling through the city center around Easter, one could discover numerous discount offers and raffles in addition to Easter-themed shop windows. At home, the children were delighted after the Easter Bunny had visited and left eggs and sweets to find. Since the Easter Bunny unfortunately can’t hop through the shops this year, shop operators have to think of something else. The solution may not be all that difficult: the Easter Bunny can also hop through the digital world! 


Using gamification, discount promotions and raffles can make a customers’ hearts beat faster online – and provide some variety while shopping. In this blog post, we’ll show you why gamification is a great solution to prepare your shop for Easter and how it can be easily implemented with trbo. 

Gamification – hopping ahead of the competition in a playful way


Due to the constantly growing competition, it is becoming increasingly difficult for online shops to attract the attention of users and stand out from the crowd. Those who offer customers a unique experience have the best chances of succeeding here. A unique customer experience can be achieved not only by personalizing content, but also by using gamification. Using playful elements in conjunction with a reward, shop operators awake the inner child, increase engagement, and are remembered positively even after the purchase has been made.


Would you like to learn more about gamification? Then take a look at our whitepaper! Here we have compiled some inspirations – even beyond Easter.




The Easter Bunny is just around the corner – what now?


If you’ve been looking for Easter eggs in your garden or in your home since you were a child, you’ll get your money’s worth in one or two online shops today. Because users can also be sent on an Easter egg hunt digitally and their inner child can be awakened. Shop operators are able to hide Easter eggs throughout the online shop, which the user must collect in order to subsequently receive a reward, e.g. in the form of a discount voucher. This digital scavenger hunt can be designed as desired: whether it should be only one egg or several eggs that have to be searched for, the number of pages the user has to visit, when the eggs will appear, etc. This way, you can not only inspire new customers, but also offer existing customers a nice change and the customers engage more deeply with your assortment.



Scratch cards are yet another popular idea. These can also be implemented online. When users move their mouse over the selected area, they scratch off a discount code or similar voucher piece by piece. The excitement increases and the user’s full attention is on the online shop. To optimally adjust the shop to the Easter season, the lottery can be decorated with Easter eggs, an Easter bunny or similar visuals. One advantage of raffles: They can be announced via social media, for example, and thus encourage users to share.


But it doesn’t always have to be raffles – animated elements also draw the users’ attention to the Easter promotions. If a bunny suddenly hops across the page, a speech bubble appears and points out the special Easter discount or something similar, you will certainly attract more attention. 



If you want to surprise your customers on holidays like Easter and leave a positive impression, you can’t go wrong with gamification on your website. If you too would like to give your users a playful treat at Easter, then get in touch with us!


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