How to hop away from the competition at Easter

Spring is approaching and the first shop windows in the city center will soon be decorated for Easter. In addition to bunny rabbits, Easter eggs and Co., there are also discount offers and competitions to entice customers into the stores. Tough competition for e-commerce. But it doesn’t have to be that way, because retailers can also get their customers in the Easter mood online and come up trumps with fun competitions. In today’s blog post, we show you why retailers should bring the Easter bunny into their web stores and how gamification can be used at Easter.

Gamification – profiting from the inner child of the user

Especially during the pandemic, a multitude of online stores emerged and the competition for the already existing webshops became bigger and bigger. Customers still like to order online, especially when they can benefit from discounts. However, this also means that it is becoming increasingly difficult for retailers to stand out from the crowd and convince users of their online store. This is not only achieved through personalization; gamification can also help to draw attention to one’s own store. In conjunction with a reward, the user’s play instinct is awakened and engagement is increased. In addition, the web store remains positively in the memory even beyond the purchase.


The Easter Bunny knocks on the door – and now?

Who did not love the Easter egg hunt in the garden or in the apartment as a child? Not infrequently we think back to those wonderful times, but even now – in adulthood – we don’t have to do without them! Some web stores have already discovered the usefulness of gamification and awaken the child in their users on holidays. At Easter, for example, they can search for Easter eggs or Easter bunnies throughout the online store and then receive a reward. This could be a discount voucher, free deliveries or other perks. Retailers can give free rein to their creativity when designing the campaign. In any case, it makes sense to distribute several eggs or other Easter items on different pages. This encourages the user to take a closer look at the product range and perhaps even adds an additional product to the shopping cart.

An easter bunny is hopping around the website (dressforless)
By clicking on the hopping easter bunny the user gets a 10% discount (dressforless)

Sweepstakes are another popular idea. These can also be easily implemented online. Retailers can draw attention to the promotion in the form of an overlay, for example. It doesn’t matter whether the winners have to provide their contact details and only find out later whether and what they have won, or whether the competition is presented in the form of scratch cards or wheels of fortune. Online stores can decide between several options here. The excitement increases and the user’s full attention is on the online store. In order for users to enjoy the full Easter atmosphere in the web store as well, it is advisable to prepare the sweepstakes visually. For example, Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, chicks in eggshells or an Easter nest can be used for decoration. And it’s not just the web store that benefits from them! They can be teased on social media and are shared by users with their community, friends or family. This way, the campaign gains reach and more people willing to order something come to the webshop. If you combine the competition with a newsletter registration, new customers can even be converted into existing customers.


Registration for the Easter competition in the form of an overlay (Ludwig Beck)

It doesn’t always have to be sweepstakes – animated elements are often enough. They attract users’ attention and invite them to go Easter shopping. For example, an Easter bunny can hop across the screen and tell the visitor about the Easter discount. This loosens up the shopping rut and certainly leaves a positive impression. 

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A successful Easter for retailers and users alike

If retailers want to entice their customers to store in the digital world, they can’t go wrong with gamification. Not only are users surprised, gamification leaves a lasting, positive impression. This increases anticipation for the next holiday promotion and users are happy to return. The only important thing is to plan measures early on and, if necessary, test in advance which variant of sweepstakes goes down best with users. Would you like to give your customers a little treat at Easter and awaken their desire to play? Then get in touch with us! 


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