Onur Çakmak starts as Senior International Sales Manager at trbo

Following the start of Jan Bischof, we are excited to announce yet another new addition to our team! From now on, Onur Çakmak supports us as Senior International Sales Manager


After spending his childhood in the Bay Area in California, the 38-year-old returned to Germany at the age of 18. In Koblenz, Onur began his studies in information management. While still at university, the Wuppertal native worked at Tele2 as an outsourcing manager. After his studies he worked in different companies like YourRate, BrightPattern, ITyX, Kloudspot and Tenios/MindBehind. Partly in Germany, partly again in California and lastly in Turkey. His positions ranged from Customer Success Management/Customer Centricity, Outsourcing and Partner Management, Internationalization to Strategic Business Development and Sales. Thus, Onur gained deep experience in SaaS, Customer Engagement Technologies, AI and Predictive Analytics. The perfect skillset for trbo, where he is now joining our team as Senior International Sales Manager. 


In his free time, Onur likes to mingle with people and loves going to festivals and concerts. He is especially fond of Soul, RnB, HipHop and Rock. If not at an event of his favorite musicians, he is most likely traveling around the world. Whether it’s a beach vacation or a city trip, Onur is on board. He especially enjoys combining his vacation with sports: Surfing in the summer,  snowboarding in the winter, and in between some action on the soccer field or playing basketball. With all this hustle and bustle, he also needs some time off, which Onur likes to use to browse through a wide variety of literature. Among other things, he particularly likes the works of philosopher Paul Watzlawick and psychologist Abraham Maslow. Occasionally, however, Onur simply relaxes by watching a good movie or an exciting series, or by playing FIFA. 


We are very happy about the top-class reinforcement! Welcome aboard, Onur!


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