No Escape? Our trbo Christmas party

On Friday the 13th the time had come: our company Christmas party was just around the corner. A bad omen? Not at all!


We started the Christmas party in the afternoon with a cup of mulled wine. There was a short speech by our managing director and CTO Felix – the milestones we have reached this year are definitely worth mentioning. 


Afterwards we already started the draw and the first station of our celebration was unveiled: we went to an Escape Room. Or rather, to five different ones – that’s how many employees we already have! The teams were drawn by lot and we set off on foot – how fortunate that our office is so centrally located in Schwabing!


The teams were then locked into different rooms dealing with six different topics – and had to get out within an hour.


Anna, Felix, Minea, Julian and Orpheus tried their luck as highly specialized art thieves. Within 60 minutes they had to steal a hip artist’s latest work. Here’s the picture proof: they did it – and long before the allotted time.


Escape Room - Anna, Felix, Minea, Julian and Orpheus


For Esther, Jonas B., Jonas K., Manuel and Sebastian it got spooky. They had to go to a ghost house as real estate agents. A house that nobody wants to buy, since the inhabitants disappeared without a trace decades ago. Their task: Escape alive within an hour! Fortunately, these five trbos also managed to do so!


Escape Room - Esther, Jonas B., Jonas K., Manuel and Sebastian


Stealing the elixir of life from a magician was the task of Karina, Maike, Mariia, Markus, Philipp and Yuliya. They had one hour before the magician turned them into frogs again. The good news for you: of course our technical, marketing, sales and account management are no frogs and made it out of the room in time.


Escape Room - Karina, Maike, Mariia, Markus, Philipp and Yuliya


Alejandro, Niko, Philipp and Sabine set off for Egypt. As grave robbers they disturbed the peace of Tutankhamen’s grave. Before they ran out of oxygen, they had to make it outside. And fortunately, they also made it in time, without being hit by Tutankhamen’s revenge.



From trbos to safecracker – Caro, Daniel, Ella, Jan and Patrick. As a gang of thieves, they were to steal a valuable diamond from the vault of a bank. And they too were trbo-fast and snatched the diamond before they were caught!


Escape Room - Caro, Daniel, Ella, Jan and Patrick


Naturally after the successful escape, everyone was hungry and thirsty. Good thing that the next stop of our Christmas party was only a few minutes away. In the Greek restaurant Kalypso we had a delicious dinner and drinks. But before we started to eat, we unpacked our Secret Santa presents: a premiere this year. There were a lot of nice and above all well thought-out and fitting presents which everyone was very happy about.


For a few trbos there was still no end in sight, but of course we won’t tell you more.


In any case it was another great trbo party!












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