December with trbo: Benjamin Noah Kostic starts as a trainee in Client Success

Following the start of Valentin Agossou, we are happy to announce another new colleague joining our trbo team: From now on, Benjamin Noah Kostic supports our Client Success team as a trainee.


Professionally, Benjamin has been very active in brick and mortar retail: Among other things, he worked as a customer consultant at Footlocker, at Kickz and as a supervisor at JD Sports. Most recently, he worked for Sport Münzinger. There he began a dual study program for marketing and digital media. During his studies, Benjamin first came into contact with online marketing. Unfortunately, Sport Münzinger did not make it through the Corona crisis, so Benjamin started looking for new opportunities.  At the Online Career Day, our booth immediately caught his eye and after a conversation with Caro and Lucia, he knew that Client Success was just the right thing for him. This gives him the opportunity to put his theoretical knowledge from his studies into practice and to live out his passion for customer service as well.


In his spare time, the cheerful 27-year-old works as a bartender in a Munich club. There he can indulge in his colorful preference for music genres. From hip-hop and grime to reggae and classic, Benjamin thrives on it all. He still fondly remembers his first CD (Illmatic by Nas) and his Walkman.


When not out clubbing, Benjamin likes to take it easy: he enjoys reading, watching movies, or playing video games. He also likes to cook –  for himself, for friends or for the family.


Once he’s had enough of the peace and quiet, however, the Munich native with southeastern European roots likes to hit the gym or go jogging in the woods. Our new addition also loves soccer. He likes FC Bayern, Manchester United and Olympique Marseille best. He was even a member of an FC Bayern Munich fan club until he turned 18.


And last but not least, a fun fact: Benjamin has already participated in several eSports events. Among others in “Yu-Gi-Oh- Duell Links”, where he made it into the top 100 in Europe.


Welcome to the team, Benjamin!


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