Five questions for… Ella


Who are the people behind trbo? In our blog series, our employees introduce themselves – and answer five questions about themselves and their work. Today with our Client Success Manager Ella Kunkel.

1. How did you hear about trbo and when did you start working?

That’s practically a short love story.


During my bachelor thesis, everything was more interesting than the thesis itself – typical if you are lazy and don’t want to study. So I started researching who and what I wanted to be after graduation, and by chance I came across the job posting for a trainee in account management/sales at trbo. On the same day, I prepared the application and sent it to trbo (1st fun fact: I really had to jump over my own shadow, because at that time I definitely didn’t want to work in Munich, let alone live there!). I received a response from trbo very quickly and a few days later I was sitting in our old trbo office and introduced myself personally to Kira and Jan. After the interview I was sure: I WANTED and HAD to be part of the trbo family!


And what can I say? Since July 2018 I am a big trbo fan girl and even moved from my beloved hometown Augsburg to Munich.

 2. What is your job at trbo?

As a Client Success Manager, I fulfill all of my clients’ wishes with the help of our tech team: everything from Santa Clauses flying over the page to wiggly menu buttons.


I’m also known as #lexikella at trbo in Client Success—does that mean I’m a smart ass or a living trbo encyclopedia on two legs? Either way, I know the right trbo answer to every trbo question!

3. What would you have said 10 years ago about your current career choice?

Office Job? YES! Marketing? Please NOOO!


I really despised marketing as a schoolgirl and also the first few years as a student and one thing was absolutely certain at that time: Marketing & me? Never!


What’s the saying? Never say never!


(2nd Fun Fact: My bachelor thesis was all about SEO and social media marketing and now I’m even doing my extra occupational masters degree in marketing   )

4. What do your colleagues do not know about you so far?

I would argue that I am a very open person, which is why most people already know that:

  • I panic around spiders and therefore do not like creepy-crawlies very much (3rd Fun Fact: I live on the first floor and often have unwanted crawling visitors—luckily I have two hairy omnivores/cats).
  • Once a bat got lost in my old Augsburg apartment. I locked myself in the bathroom with my old cat all night until the bat found its way out on its own.
  • I was on the Fan Mile in Berlin for the World Cup 2014 and was interviewed by a TV team. The interview was actually broadcast on Sat1 news that same evening and that’s when I first found out through my friends which station had interviewed me in the first place. 
  • I’m pretty bad at remembering names. No matter if celebrities, acquaintances, friends, or colleagues. But I can remember every other little thing.
  • I’m a pretty stubborn person. When I set my mind on something, there’s no stopping me from going through with it (even when the whole world is screaming “don’t do it”).

5. Is there anything you wouldn’t do for all the money in the world?

Entering a room with a spider in it, even if it’s in a terrarium. I’d rather pet an alligator or hang a snake around my neck.

Bonus question: What did you want to be when you grew up?

Pretty much anything but marketing or eBusiness:

  1. At first, I wanted to be a teacher, but I found out pretty quickly that a job with kids can get pretty exhausting… especially when you can barely remember names.
  2. After that, I wanted to become a civil servant in the administration. I thought using stamps all day and sifting through forever-long applications must be very exciting.
  3. During high school I wanted to pursue something with math. (4th Fun Fact: I therefore tried to study business mathematics in Rosenheim. Those were the most useless 1.5 years of my life!   )


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