Connecting trbo’s onsite personalization platform and Usercentrics’ Consent Management Platform allows to optimize the opt-in rate and subsequently enables GDPR-compliant personalization. Marketing & compliance working hand in hand: Nothing stands in the way of successful marketing campaigns.

Usercentrics X trbo

Obtain GDPR-compliant consent with Usercentrics and optimize the opt-in rate with trbo.

Why use Usercentrics and trbo?

In order to use cookies and other web technologies for marketing purposes, shops need the consent of their visitors. Ever since the introduction of the GDPR, the use of a Consent Management Platform (CMP) is therefore indispensable for obtaining, managing and documenting this consent properly. However, consent rates should also remain as high as possible.

The joint use of trbo and Usercentrics enables companies to obtain and document user consent in a GDPR-compliant manner, while at the same time improving the opt-in rate by testing the various options for requesting consent. Increased consent rates enable GDPR-compliant, personalized marketing campaigns and an overall improved user approach.

Privacy-compliant personalization & opt-in optimization


Even the type of banner in which consent is given and its placement have an impact on the opt-in rate. Be sure to test different options such as privacy wall vs. privacy footer, color design and overlay vs. simple display. By optimizing the banner, initial increases in the opt-in rate can already be achieved.


With clean consents, you gain data sovereignty and can improve the user experience on the website with GDPR-compliant personalization. Higher opt-in rates enable the targeting of more users with personalized content and actions.

“Making marketing strategy privacy-compliant is a major challenge for many companies. That’s because AI and machine learning models require granular data, which in turn requires user consent. By connecting Usercentrics and trbo, consent and documentation, as well as increasing consent rates, can be achieved easily and flexibly.”

Mischa Rürup

Mischa Rürup

Founder & CEO, Usercentrics

“The partnership between trbo and Usercentrics has existed since the CMP was founded. Thus, we have been combining the best of both worlds for several years now: Merchants & websites act in compliance with data protection and can still drive consent optimization to provide even more users with customized content.”

Felix Schirl

Felix Schirl

CEO trbo

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