Product Detail Page (PDP)

A product detail page (PDP), also known as an article detail page, is a page in an online shop that deals exclusively with a specific product. It is one of the most important pages in the shop since this is where the purchase decision is decisively influenced. Therefore, it is even more important to encourage the user to buy by optimizing the page in the best possible way. Search engine ads such as Google Shopping Ads link directly to the product detail pages.


A product detail page should ideally consist of the following content:


1. Product images and/or videos

A product can be best represented with images from different perspectives. Special functionalities or products in need of explanation can be presented in a more comprehensible way with the help of an integrated video.


2. Product description

The many different features of a product can be clarified in text form using a description. A meaningful product description has a positive influence on the (google) ranking – thus also serves search engine optimization.


3. Choice of different product variants (e.g. size or color)


4. Help with the selection (e.g. by a size consultant)


5. Call-to-Action-Button to add articles to your shopping cart; to remember articles and/or to compare articles.


6. Price(s)

The current and possibly the old price (in case of reduction) should always be placed clearly and visibly on the page. Especially in the case of reduced products, the clear highlighting of the savings may bring an added value.


7. Delivery information/stock/availability (also in brick and mortar shops)

Information about the expected delivery as well as the stock help the customer to orient himself faster. If a brick and mortar shop exists, the availability in a nearby store can also be displayed.


8. Product reviews and/or social proof

Reviews of other users’ products, as well as information on how many users have already purchased the product, can significantly influence the purchase decision and increase the user’s confidence.


9. Social Share Buttons

The integration of social share buttons makes it easier for the user to share the offer with family or friends.


10. Cross– and/or up-selling

The display of alternative and additional products can help increase the conversion value – or prevent the user from leaving the site if the original product does not please. However, alternative products should never be in the foreground, especially not product detail pages linked to SEA campaigns.


However, there is no perfect tutorial for a product detail page. Depending on the industry and target group, users have different interests, needs, and preferences. A/B- or Multivariate-Tests provide meaningful results for the most perfect possible structure of a product detail page.

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