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We first gained initial experience with another onsite messaging tool. However, we quickly realized that we were reaching our limits, so trbo was our first choice from that point onward. The collaboration with trbo offers us a lot of freedom and possibilities to continuously optimize our customer approach on the website and to promote our products in a versatile and personalized way - without internal IT resources. With trbo we have also gained a valuable service provider. With such a motivated team and professional support, it is great fun to brainstorm, design new campaigns and implement them successfully.
The contact to trbo came about rather by chance - at least from my side – as there are always requests coming in. But this request was unique, as well as the team and tool are. It was important for me to understand what was happening, so I started creating the layers myself. After a few small hurdles and - for me at first - not quite logical settings, I quickly found my way around. I then made further demands towards trbo and these were implemented promptly, creatively and with full motivation. They have so much know-how from many projects that you will never have yourself. This is what makes trbo and the team so unique, it is a mixture of an almost complete flexibility for the presentation in our shop and highly motivated people who stand behind their product and have fun at what they are doing. This makes working together a lot of fun and also leads to very good results on our side. Many thanks for that!”
Christian Lange
Head of E-Commerce, Hammer Sports AG
trbo gives you freedom: adding widgets, buttons, layers, surveys or animated banners, everything is easy to realize with this simple tool, without the help of your IT department or agency. The more we learned about trbo, the more we enjoyed using it. Bringing more “movement” into our shops was not easy to imagine without major code-changes – trbo has been a very important choice from a business point of view for all our shops. Last, but not least, the support offered to the customers is a real premium-service!
Michele Matejka
Head of E-Commerce, Millet Mountain Group
Our ‘Deal of the Week’ is handled simply and reliably via our editorial plan by trbo. We supply the footage, trbo does the rest for us. In this way, we can quickly and easily draw our users' attention to the current campaigns. In addition to our campaigns, we have developed a sophisticated strategy together with trbo for addressing our users as part of their customer journey, which we are now implementing step by step. We are already looking forward to the overall result - and each step is already promising.
Kai-Nicolas Hack
Engelhorn Holding GmbH
trbo offers us the possibility to display our current specials using an easy-to-use tool and to implement complex playout logics without IT resources. In this way, specials running in parallel can also be specifically targeted. Whenever we need support, we receive prompt and competent help.
Sven-Hendrik Timmermann
Chief Digital Officer, JAB Anstoetz Group
We have created a special entry via trbo for all visitors who come to our shop via Google Shopping ads. In the past the bounce rate here was quite high - if the user didn't find the right product right away, he went back to Google search. Because we can now display the corresponding category page in the background of the actual product, the user often still finds a suitable product and the expensive click was not for nothing! This enabled us to reduce the bounce rate by approx. 9.5 percent! And still we observe the Google Policy 100 percent.
Roland Baran
Online Marketing Manager, ROSE Bikes GmbH
trbo represents the ideal opportunity for us to test internal hypotheses regarding their validity. In addition to using trbo as an A/B testing tool, we appreciate being able to realize our own ideas with trbo - without having to implement them directly on the website. The advantage for us: we can make changes independently and are much more flexible. If there are questions or requirements during the creation of campaigns that cannot be realized directly via the settings in the tool, the trbo support is always there to help competently and friendly to realize our wishes.
Gerhard Guist
Online Marketing Manager, MOTEA GmbH
Working with trbo is professional and productive at all times. Due to the close proximity of our offices, we also have the opportunity to make use of trbo's expertise during brainstorming sessions at short notice. The tool itself is easy to use and after initial training, we are able to implement a large number of our campaigns ourselves. If necessary, trbo supports us at any time.
Franz Keim
Teamlead Online Marketing, Verlag C.H. Beck
The cooperation with trbo has been characterized from the very beginning by innovative ideas and quickly implemented measures. Our wishes were taken into account at all times and the support team actively helped us. In trbo we have found a technology that offers much more than just on-site measures. We can also use the valuable user data collected by trbo for our newsletter campaigns. trbo has developed a corresponding interface especially for us.
Angelo Nanni
Managing Director, Bike o’ bello Radsportversand GmbH & Co. KG
With trbo we are now able to straightforwardly greet our customers from other countries via their Geo-IP. This way, every customer feels welcomed right away. We also appreciate the possibility to manipulate the pages individually without programming in the shop. Thanks to the trbo integration, we can accompany our spontaneous campaigns at any time with banners onsite.
Leo Lutz
Online Marketing Manager, GmbH
In addition to numerous promotions, we also use trbo to increase our customers' shopping baskets. The incentive for this is created, for example, by targeted trbo layers showing free additions above a defined minimum order value. If, for example, the availability of the additions changes, we can adapt this action individually. With a few clicks, a new layer version is created. The results speak for themselves: whenever we implement actions, the average shopping basket value of our customers increases.
Nicole Bard
Digital Director Corporate, L'Oreal
Due to the large number of our country shops, it is important to us that campaigns can be duplicated as easily as possible and adapted for the respective languages. trbo as a tool enables us to easily create promotion teasers and, thanks to an intelligent copy function, only requires the exchange of images or links. All set rules are retained. In addition to the good performance of the actions, we also save a great deal of working hours. For us, this is a tool we don't want to miss!
Laura Iffländer
Shopmanager Dynamisierung/Personalisierung, CBR eCommerce
With trbo we have found the optimal tool with which we can advertise our action-driven specials onsite ourselves. trbo supports us competently with more complex campaigns, such as the playout of newsletter subscriptions on all devices. Even when we face technical challenges, trbo is always there to advise us.
Simona Pantanella
With trbo we have achieved an enormous increase in newsletter registrations! It was particularly important to us, that this would not happen at the expense of user experience. The opposite is the case with the very targeted playout of the various trbo layers, which is why we are now continuing our successful campaign to attract more valuable newsletter recipients on a permanent basis.
André Kollmeyer
Managing Director, airberlin holidays

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