trbo’s ‘Shop the Look’ and AI tools optimize the online shopping experience

More inspiration leads to more and faster purchases, and it’s easy to inspire shoppers with trbo’s Shop the Look functions and product bundles.
Lead users to find their desired products online faster using inspiration pages. Driven by artificial intelligence (AI), inspiration pages serve as individual shopping worlds that guide customers to more purchases. trbo enables this experience with its data-driven onsite personalization platform and inspirational shopping tool, BNDLA.

trbo’s inspiration pages and product bundles

Convenience is the ultimate factor in eCommerce, as users must be able to find products quickly and easily. They are used to being served inspiration when it comes to fashion, interior decor, and much more from experiences like Instagram and Pinterest. This kind of style inspiration can be replicated on websites using trbo’s Shop the Look features. trbo has developed the BNDLA to help marketers inspire and emotionalize shopping by integrating inspirational pages and product bundles in a wide variety of places in the online shop — homepage, dedicated landing pages, category pages, and product detail pages. 
Inspiration pages work in a variety of sectors, from fashion to furniture to electronics and telecommunications. All of these retail industries can benefit from serving up new ideas and inspiration to their customers.
Product bundles can be used like product recommendations in an online store. For example, users can find a full outfit to go with their jeans and add the additional items to their shopping cart with just a few clicks. Just like trbo’s regular product recommendations, bundles are compiled according to a wide variety of logics, such as top sellers, recently added bundles, or with the help of artificial intelligence. 

trbo’s smart Recommendation Engine

Product recommendations are made to inspire users, show them alternatives, or provide further incentives to buy, which require an intelligent Recommendation Engine. This technology helps to generate and display suitable product recommendations at any time.
Depending on where the user is in the customer journey, different types of recommendations make sense. With trbo’s intelligent Recommendation Engine, online stores can instantly show best-selling products, matching products, or personalized recommendations. When it comes to personalized recommendations, trbo’s AI analyzes user behavior on the website and selects the most suitable products and offers for that user. The user’s preferences are recognized and suggestions are adapted accordingly throughout this process. The AI uses a huge variety of data points in order to calculate and display the appropriate recommendations. The result? Customers see personalized recommendations that exactly match their needs.
By combining trbo’s Shop the Look features and AI, online shops will increase the time spent on their website, simplify the purchase process for users, optimize users’ shopping carts, and inspire customers with a unique shopping experience.

Mona Philippi

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