In time for Dmexco: trbo launches new products BNDLA and cnslta

Munich, September 4, 2019 – At Dmexco 2019 on September 11th and 12th, trbo GmbH will present two new products in addition to onsite personalization, optimization and testing: the BNDLA and the cnslta. At booth C011 in hall 8, website operators can learn how to significantly optimize the user experience on their website.

BNDLA: Integrating onsite product bundles

In order to help marketers inspire and emotionalize shopping, trbo has developed the BNDLA. The BNDLA enables shop operators to easily integrate product bundles at different points in the shop – whether on the home page, on category pages or on product detail pages. Product recommendations consisting of bundles are then compiled according to various product logics, such as topsellers, recently added bundles or –  with the help of artificial intelligence – based on the current user behaviour on the website.
The setup of the BNDLA enables shop operators to quickly and easily integrate entire inspiration pages for various products into their shop. From outfit inspirations in the fashion industry, furnishing inspirations in the furniture industry or electronic accessories in the electronics sector – the BNDLA can be used in a wide variety of industries.
With the help of the BNDLA, shop operators can thus increase the time spent on the website, simplify purchases – for example, entire outfits can be placed in the shopping cart with a single click – and optimize the shopping basket value of their users.

cnslta: Integrate onsite product consultants 

With the cnslta, trbo launches another product that enables marketers to improve the user experience on the website with little effort. The cnslta allows the integration of consulting-functions with various features on the website. These include, for example, gift advisors for the entire product range for different target groups, or niche advisors for the product range (e.g. running shoe or mattress advisors), as well as category advisors (e.g. jeans advisors).
If required, customers are led directly to the appropriate result, the purchase probability increases and the onsite-consultant, once created, can easily be adapted for various purposes.

BNDLA and cnslta in conjunction with the trbo platform

 The connection between the trbo onsite personalization platform and BNDLA and cnslta enables shop operators to make additional use of trbo’s A/B-Testing functionalities. Furthermore, cnslta’s preference queries can be used for optimization in the trbo-tool.
You can arrange appointments with trbo at Dmexco at

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