trbotastic May – Olga Gidion starts as Junior Frontend Developer

Same procedure as every month – Our team keeps on growing! Following the start of Kai Schneider in April, we are proud to welcome yet another new trbo colleague. From now on, Olga Gidion supports us as a Junior Frontend Developer.


Born in Russia, Olga first studied International Relations and Affairs at the Omsk State University (OSU) in Omsk, Russia. After graduating, she started her career in the tourism industry. In Moscow, Olga worked as a Sales Manager at National Tour Operator Alean.  Her husband then received a job offer, which led them to move to Munich, Germany. In Munich, Olga continued working as a sales manager, this time for La-Ra Reisen. Her main areas of focus included expanding B2B relationships, managing small cross-functional teams, handling contracts and supporting clients.


During her time in the tourism industry, Olga was constantly involved in technical processes and discovered a new passion for herself: IT. She managed content and helped maintain the website. Olga decided to follow her new passion and joined an intensive web development program at Yandex School of Data Analysis. The Yandex program is the leading data analysis program in Russia and the basis for many master’s degree programs at major universities. 


Our new Junior Frontend Developer loves to spend her free time with her 4-year-old son, Leon. When not spending time with her son or supporting our customers, Olga enjoys painting with aquarelle and snowboarding in the winter.


We are very happy that your love for IT has led you to us. Welcome to the team, Olga!


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