trbo undercover – our summer party 2020

COVID-19 is causing us all a lot of trouble at the moment. But we didn’t want to cancel our summer party. It wasn’t easy for our marketing team, because all regulations had to be taken into account and incorporated into the planning. But we succeeded and on Friday our COVID-compliant summer festival took place – open-air. More about that later.


As is tradition, the summer festival was rung in with a short speech, this time by our COO Kira. After all, more than half of a very special year has passed since the last celebration. And we haven’t been together for a long time – because of COVID only a few of us were allowed in the office at the same time.

After all the good news, a bad one


Following the good news came the bad news: The police have been informed that a dangerous hacker is planning an attack on Munich’s servers, resulting in a blackout of the whole city. To prevent this, the police asked us to act as undercover agents and save the city.

Hunting down the hacker


For this, we were first divided into three small groups. In intervals of ten to 15 minutes, the groups set off to apprehend the hacker.


Our adventure started at Münchner Freiheit and took us through Parkstadt Schwabing. For 70 to 90 minutes, we solved a variety of puzzles hidden in video or audio files and with the help of the buildings and objects on site.

Team 2 was the first to unmask the hacker. But fortunately, the other two teams were also able to stop him in time and make the city safe again.

When it rains it pours – First the hacker attack, now this


As a reward, we were all invited to the beer garden at the beautiful Bamberger Haus in the Luitpoldpark. But even the journey to our next stop turned out to be a bit of an adventure, as the increasingly bad weather made it difficult for us to get there and got us … well, “a little” wet.

But of course, a Covid-19-compliant bad-weather alternative was considered here as well, and thus we were able – although being outside – to enjoy the evening to the fullest.

A snack board, a great atmosphere and nice conversations made us forget all about the rain and the wet clothes. The rain merely served as background music.

A few of us used the wet clothes as a chance to get creative and exchange them for new fashionable accessories:

We are extremely pleased that despite summer vacations and home office there were so many trbos at our annual summer party. It was an incredibly nice afternoon, even though the weather was (not quite perfect) – And we were able to save Munich from a dangerous hacker attack. So if that’s not a successful day, what is?


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