trbo-start into the summer – Thomas Schmucker joins us as a frontend developer


After welcoming Olga Gidion to our team, we are proud to announce a new addition to our technical team. From now on, Thomas Schmucker supports us as a Frontend Developer. 


After finishing school, the Munich native decided to pursue training as a media designer. This then led him to the printing industry, to which Thomas remained loyal for over ten years: He worked in various prepress departments and agencies that included Oldenbourg:digital, Artesmedia and Schmucker-digital, as well as KSL GmbH. 


In 2016, Thomas started on a new path and completed his training in web development. Following this, he was drawn to the event industry: starting out as a media designer at XING Events. He helped event organizers set up their ticketing, customized email templates, tickets and badges, and supported them in marketing their events. Over time, the Munich native worked with the whole XING Events service team to develop their own customer success process for proactive customer support for event organizers.


The pandemic triggered an uncertain period in the event industry. However, that didn’t throw Thomas off his game. He decided to leave XING Events to pursue one of his passions. From then on, he dedicated himself full-time to a project that the 40-year-old had long wanted to realize: – a TV guide for livestreams. However, he missed working with colleagues and customers – so he decided to switch back to a salaried position. He found what he was looking for at trbo and can now contribute his experience and passion here. 


In his free time, Thomas is completely absorbed in his role as a father. He loves spending his days off with his wife and three children. If the five of them are not able to spend time together, Thomas enjoys live streaming, playing mobile games or meeting up with his twin brother. If you’re looking for insider tips on vacationing in Thailand, you’ve come to the right place. Thanks to his wife, who comes from Thailand, Thomas can certainly provide you with a tip or two. 


We are very happy that you too are addicted to web development and that your path has led you to us. Welcome to trbo, Thomas!


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