Statistics on Black Friday 2018

Last Friday the discount battle of the year started: Black Friday 2018. Together with Cyber Monday, German (and international) e-commerce shops once again broke several sales records. The German Retail Association predicted sales of 2.4 billion euros for the two discount holidays – an increase in sales of 15 percent compared to 2017. At the end of the big bargain hunt, one thing is for sure: Black Friday and Cyber Monday have not only paid off for bargain hunters, but also for shop operators.


This is backed up by our analysis. In 2017, the campaigns focused primarily on fashion and electronics suppliers. This year, we had customers from all possible industries participating in Black Friday. All in all, more shops took part in the big sale. Around Black Friday, for example, we played out 1,500 more promotions for our customers than in the previous week.


You can find additional numbers and examples of our Black Friday promotions on Click here to read the article (german).


And if you would like to implement special promotions with trbo, just contact your account manager or E-Mail:

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