The advantages of onsite personalization for shop operators

If you ask marketers about the upcoming trends in e-commerce, you’ll primarily get one answer: personalization. But high traffic alone does not lead to a successful online shop. Today’s customers expect a shopping experience that is perfectly customized to their needs – similar to the one in their favorite shop around the corner. But how can this be put into practice? This is where onsite personalization comes in. It turns the website into a personal shopping advisor for the customer.

The website as a personal shopping advisor

For shop operators, the most important thing is to consistently segment and personalize their target group approach. They have to predict the needs of their (potential) customers in real-time and play out the right content at the right time and in the right place. Additionally, users are only addressed if they really want to be addressed.

Modern technologies offer numerous possibilities that can be implemented easily and fast in order to minimize shopping basket cancellations and increase engagement, customer loyalty, as well as overall sales throughout the entire sales funnel. User-related data points such as the traffic channel, purchase history, place of residence or even local weather are recorded on the website and in real-time. The data is analyzed dynamically and the users are segmented. The results are then used to generate information useful for targeting with purchase incentives. Online shops should use these possibilities to assert themselves in competition.

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Onsite personalization dynamically adapts the website to the user’s behavior and offers a personal shopping advisor for each customer – according to their customer journey.

How onsite personalization actually works and what advantages it offers for shop operators was summarized by our Managing Director Felix Schirl in his industry insider article on Xing.

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