Special addition to trbo – Krystyna Kultysheva and Iryna Piontkovska start as web development interns

We are happy to share with you a somewhat different job start story today. Those who follow our blog diligently know that we at trbo draw great importance to social commitment. That’s why we are especially proud to be able to offer two refugees from Ukraine a new workplace where they can learn new things and gain new perspectives. As of now, Krystyna Kultysheva and Iryna Piontkovska are starting their internship in Web Development.


For both of them, Web Development is a completely new professional field. Therefore, the goal of the two-month internship is to first learn the basics in HTML, CSS and Javascript in order to be able to work independently with simple trbo layers. For this, we offer them a four-hour online course every day. In addition, one of our trbos will work with them for two hours every day, showing and explaining more about our trbo tool. Should Krystyna and Iryna discover their true passion in web development, they will then be able to start a traineeship at Tech-Solutions.

“It’s a new profession for me, but I became interested in it a long time ago,” says Krystyna about her new job at trbo

In her home country, Krystyna worked as an interior designer – but she has always been interested in how new websites are created and everything there is to know about them. It has even become one of her hobbies. In her spare time, she has already been able to acquire a bit of knowledge. When it was no longer safe in her home country, Krystyna decided to turn her hobby into her profession. That’s how she ended up discovering the position as an intern at trbo! She can now take her existing knowledge to the next level together with trbo.


“I’m new to the trbo team, but I really like the atmosphere – and the team, which I now have, consists of talented and smart people that are fun to work with and discover a new world of technology.”


In her spare time, she has also always been active in sports. For ten years she was a competitive dancer and even holds a degree in choreography. She also loved to go jogging in the park and played tennis frequently. Currently, however, she prefers to devote all her time to her new passion: web development.

“In February, I had to radically change my life, and I got an internship at trbo,” Iryna tells us.

Unlike Krystyna, Iryna had no previous experience in front-end development. In her home country, she worked for Europa Plus, one of the top radio stations in Ukraine. She worked there for four years, engaging millions of listeners. One of her tasks was to create the radio program. Before working there, she gained experience in marketing and graduated with a Master’s degree in Philology and Management. Among other positions, she was employed as Head of Marketing and as a Marketing Specialist. Like so many, Iryna had to leave her home country and start from scratch.


“I get a structured information base, practice and live experience. I hope that, thanks to my efforts and the support of the staff, I will soon become a long-term member of the trbo team.”


To distract herself from her stressful everyday life, Iryna loves to play chess and enjoys horseback riding. If something doesn’t go according to plan, she prefers to let off steam while boxing.


We are happy to be able to offer them both a chance for a new beginning and will actively support them in this endeavor. Of course, we also hope to pass on our passion for web development to them. Welcome to the trbo team, Krystyna and Iryna!


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