How Retailers get the most out of their influencer marketing


Influencer marketing is an ever-increasing trend. There are barely any retailers left who have not jumped on the bandwagon. However, it must be kept in mind that the success of such a campaign cannot be attributed to the influencer alone. No matter how well the influencer performs, it will all be for nothing if the online shop has not been optimized beforehand. Thus, it is not just a matter of finding a suitable content creator, retailers also have to create a landing page that is 100 % user-friendly. We will explain how you can extend your influencer campaigns in your online shop and get the most out of your influencer marketing. 

Why are influencers so popular with online shops?

Working with influencers is becoming increasingly popular with more and more companies. Collaborations can involve the promotion of a single article, the entire brand, or the development of a joint product. Marketers benefit from the reach and the close ties of the content creator to his community. If the influencer likes a product, his followers are also convinced of it. So no wonder brands who rely on influencers are gaining awareness and trustworthiness. Plus, collaboration can help reach very specific or even new target groups. 


However, if a user has been convinced by the influencer, this does not mean that they will actually buy the product. At this point, it is all on the online shop. Users who are not convinced by the user experience of the shop will leave the site again. Therefore, users should be directed from the ad directly to the corresponding landing page instead of the homepage. The content creator even knows the interests of the target group, which means that even previously unknown users can be targeted. At best, they then convert to existing customers – another advantage of influencer marketing.

Score points right from the start

The first impression counts! Having the influencer himself greet the user upon entering the online shop will certainly leave a positive impression. This can be achieved, for example, through an overlay with a photo of the content creator. Furthermore, users prefer to find the campaign they clicked on directly, thus a teaser should be placed prominently. This saves him valuable time and provides an uncomplicated shopping experience. This makes his return to the shop immediately much more likely. 

The influencer’s favorite

Should marketers want to increase the shopping cart value in addition to converting existing customers, they can create a landing page with the influencer’s favorite products from the shop. Entire bundles can be created! Besides the actual product from social media, more items may then find their way into the shopping cart. Should marketers only want to address a specific target group, specific rules can be set for the page. For example, the landing page can be made visible exclusively for the “Instagram” click-in channel. If a user comes to the online shop via the selected channel, however, it is essential to prominently display the products on the landingpage. Otherwise, its potential is lost.

Pair influencer marketing with prize draws

Gamification is THE keyword for memorable shopping experiences. So why not pimp your influencer campaign as well? With a scavenger hunt, for example. The user is not only motivated to buy the product advertised by the influencer, he is also encouraged to look at the entire product range of the shop. In the process, he may discover yet another product that he would like to test. Moreover, a positive memory of the online shop is retained, the customer will gladly return and, on top of that, may even convert to a loyal existing customer. 

Inspiring confidence through influencer testimonials

The majority of users trust other users – and especially public figures. However, products do not necessarily have to be advertised via social media in order to be purchased. Product reviews play a very important role in users’ purchasing decisions. A review of the influencer in the online shop not only inspires confidence, but also convinces the user of the shop in question. Thus, the online shop gains in authenticity.

Influencer marketing as an essential part of the marketing strategy

There are countless reasons for companies to work with influencers. Not only do conversion rates and sales increase – By addressing them individually with authentic content, interaction with the brand increases and demand is raised. In addition, the company gains reach and trustworthiness. But not every influencer matches your company and philosophy. To ensure a successful cooperation and to be perceived as authentic by your target group, influencers must be meticulously selected and a good influencer-brand fit must be ensured. Therefore, in-depth research about the interests and the target group of an influencer is fundamental for marketers.


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