In no way a black day! 5 tips to help you prepare for Black Friday

Black Friday

The time has come again: The biggest discount battle of the year is about to start. On November 29, numerous retailers will once again attract customers to their websites with the promise of great bargains. So, it’s high time for shop operators to think about how they can attract users to their websites and keep them there.


Because the bargain hunters don’t really care where they get a discount – as long as they get the best one. According to statista, 28 percent of consumers were already taking advantage of offers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2017, 26 percent informed themselves about products online.* This gave German companies 512 percent more turnover last year (compared to the turnover of the previous week).* 


In this way, every shop can profit from the big bargain hunt. But how? We’ll provide you with five tips on how you as a shop operator can inspire your users.


1. Blackout: Make it exciting


What would it be like to really surprise your users on Black Friday – or not to be online at all in order to further increase the tension? In 2018, the fitness clothing company Gymshark once again adopted this strategy (not our customer, but definitely a campaign worth mentioning). Just in time for Black Friday the Gymshark Blackout was launched. Customers only saw a black page with a countdown. On the following Monday, all offers went live and the users could partake in the shopping mania.


But our customers also took part: There was also a blackout on the website of a travel provider on Black Friday. Last year, they called out the “Black Flyday”. If a user visited the website, the page was first completely blacked out and showed a teaser animation of the “Black Flyday”. When the user clicked on the CTA, he was taken directly to the special offers for the campaign. After a few seconds, users who had not clicked on the Call to Action were directed to the homepage. Here, too, the offers on the page were displayed using animated teasers.



2.  Gamification


Those who want to offer online shoppers a special experience in order to stay on their minds should awaken their desire to play. Especially on Black Friday, small games or special features on the website are a great way for shop operators to stand out from the flood of offers. In addition, leads can also be generated with gamification – by combining raffles with newsletter registrations. But what actions are available? How about, for example, a scratch card that is displayed on the page and that the user can scratch free? Or a wheel of fortune with various small prizes? At the end a discount for certain products (or the assortment, the shipping costs, etc.) awaits.



3. Der Countdown has started


What better time to do a countdown than on Black Friday? Due to the shortage of time for offers, users get the feeling that they have to strike even faster – otherwise the top deal is gone. This is especially useful for stimulating impulse purchases. But even users who prefer to take their time can be encouraged to make a quick purchase through countdown offers. In this case, the countdown should be displayed directly with the product. Additionally, when leaving the site, users can also be made aware of the limited bargain with an exit intent layer (“Order in the next 59 minutes and secure your offer!”). It is important to note that such time-limited actions must be communicated in advance. A reference on the homepage, a newsletter sent to existing customers as well as communication via various social media channels increase the probability that as many users as possible will learn about the limited offer.


Countdown Cyber Monday

4. Trump with advice


Customers want to be addressed and advised individually – this applies to both stationary and offline retail. But exactly this service is often missing in fast-moving discount campaigns like Black Friday. This is where shop operators can score points among their customers: using professional expertise and personal assistance (e.g. through integrated chats). That way, they gain an advantage over their competitors when it comes to service. And so, users who are actually only tempted by the bargain can perhaps be convinced by another, higher-priced product with the right help.


5. Too desired and sold out – what now?


Particularly promising bargains are quickly sold out on high-turnover days like Black Friday. Once the bargain hunters storm the shop, there is often no stopping them. So what to do if a product is already sold out but still appears in search results and on deal portals? In this case it is a good idea to convince the user to purchase another product with a small compensation. An excuse discount and the display of alternative (as similar as possible) products can help turn the previously disappointed user into a satisfied customer.


Early planning and attention increase 


Above all, a good and early planning is important. Webshop operators should ask themselves the following questions as part of their preparation: What is the purpose of the sales campaign? Do you want to sell off products and streamline the assortment? Or should the total turnover be boosted? This is the basis for targeted campaigns.


In order for Black Friday to be worthwhile for the respective shop, the campaigns should be announced well in advance and as widely spread as possible. Here, too, various banners, extra navigation items for the Black Friday Sale or news tickers with the best offers can be integrated on the (home-)page.


Using only a few clever actions, not only a good offer but also a positive shopping experience will remain in the memory of online shoppers.


Would you also like to implement Black Friday measures? Then quickly get in touch with your account manager or at E-Mail:! The countdown is on…


* Source: statista, 14.10.2018, (German)

*Source:, 11/13/2019, (German)

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