Further reinforcement for trbo: Nargiza Reimbaeva starts as Senior Client Success Manager


Following the start of Benjamin Noah Kostic, we can proudly announce yet another addition to our trbo team: From now on, Nargiza Reimbaeva supports us as Senior Client Success Manager.


After her high school graduation, Nargiza started her studies in media and communication management at the MediaDesign University in Munich. Directly after receiving her bachelor’s degree, the Uzbek-born started her professional life at the telecommunications and IT service provider planet33, where she worked in and re-launched the marketing department. Nargiza then joined the eCommerce start-up Intersellers. As a project manager, she was responsible for the launch and support of wine shops. Among others, Nargiza launched the wine shop VINZERY, with which Intersellers even won the German Brand Award 2021. Moreover, according to market research, the wine shop was one of the best-known wine platforms after being on the market for just six months. The 30-year-old accompanied the successful market launch for some time and then stumbled upon trbo and knew: That’s where she had to go. No sooner said than done. Now Nargiza actively supports us in Client Success.


Nargiza is a passionate food lover. No matter whether it’s a snack bar or a Michelin-star restaurant, she loves to try  them all out. She enjoys being inspired on her forays, because she also loves to cook herself. Her secret ingredient: “A pound of butter has never hurt a sauce,” says Nargiza – also known as Isa. Moreover, music is incredibly important to her, regardless whether it’s metal, hard rock, soul, or blues. However, Isa is particular about German “schlager” – she really only sings those songs at Oktoberfest!


We are happy to be able to expand our team with another passionate cook and hope to soon be able to enjoy her cooking skills. Welcome to the trbo-family, Isa!


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