Five questions for … Nargiza

Foto Nargiza Reimbaeva

In our blog series, our employees give a few deeper insights into their lives and answer five questions about themselves and their work. Today we share a few details about our Team Lead Client Success, Nargiza Reimbaeva. Nargiza has been working at trbo since December 2021 and not only serves our clients with confidence, but is also an empathetic Team Lead with a lot of zest and energy.

1. What is your favorite

  • Song: Black Magic Woman – Santana
  • Film/Serie Goodfellas
  • Spiel Tac
  • Sport: Am I a joke to you?!
  • Tier The pot-bellied pig named Tofu from the animal shelter in Riem – my absolute spirit animal!
  • Essen Pasta in every variation. Gluten is my life
  • Urlaubsziel Forever and ever Barcelona

2. What was the funniest moment in your life so far?

I like to laugh a lot and heartily – so there are uncountable funny moments in my life.  

Was ist dein größter Traum?

I have many, but one of them is to swim with wild whales in the open sea.

4. What was the nicest thing a person ever did for you?

There is a colorful bouquet of wonderful people who made my arrival in Germany easier and laid the foundation for my integration. I am forever grateful for that.

5. Your insider tip for a cool weekend?

Not an insider tip, but this is THE ROUTINE to unwind my soul. Start the Saturday with a walk along the Isar and listen to the water. Then off to the Viktualienmarkt and drink a freshly squeezed juice. After that eat a bratwurst at Schlemmermayer, followed by a delicate pickle at Saure Ecke. Depending on your taste, sip a few oysters at Fischmaier. Finally, inhale a “Auszogne” from Cafe Frischhut.


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